Karen Corbett Sanders Delivers Equity & Excellence

Karen Corbett Sanders is Delivering Equity in Education


Serving The Community

Karen Corbett Sanders has worked full time, serving students and faculty as the Mount Vernon District Representative to the Fairfax County School Board. She made the decision to go from advocate to the elected community member responsible for implementation once her youngest child graduated from West Potomac High School. 


United By A Common Goal

Equity in Education is the cornerstone of Karen's beliefs and efforts on behalf of the citizens of Mount Vernon. Your zip code should not  determine the quality of your education in Fairfax County, 


Get Involved

Karen can't win this race without you. Help re-elect Karen by volunteering, door-knocking, and phone-calling so that she can continue to fight for equity and access in our schools.

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Let Karen know that you want to volunteer! She's looking for people to knock on doors, make phone calls, and spread the word in the community.